Our essential assets

  • Fast and conscientious transport: we offer you a tailor-made service that large groups cannot guarantee.


  • Fiability: knowledge of the field, we collect the goods at home for delivery in person.


  • Simplicity: an email, a request for a quote, a call… .. “Entre-Deux” responds to your request immediately. We offer transport in accordance with the nature of your package (volume, weight, size, type of goods, etc.) and your time requirements.


  • Tailor-made insurance options: “all transport and handling risks”, “nail to nail”, “specific policy for works of art”

Services and Solutions


Our team has been trained and specialized in the transport and handling of antiques, paintings, sculptures and various works of art for over 20 years.

We are also able to carry out your private move for any destination, from packing to unpacking. 
Assembly and disassembly
Our priority, absolute respect for objects. Our teams are experienced in heavy handling and siding, as well as in the most delicate works. 
Customs and Insurance
6 people constantly take care of the administrative formalities for smooth transport from departure to arrival.
Each piece being unique, we offer a wide range of custom packing and crating techniques.
We have 1,500 m² of storage warehouses in Brussels, divided into private boxes and ladus.

Customers and reference

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